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LIC’s JEEVAN UMANG (Table No. 845)

LIC’s Jeevan Umang is a non-linked, with Profits whole life assurance plan. This plan

provides for annual survival benefits from the end of the premium paying term till maturity and a

lumpsum payment at the time of maturity or on death of the policyholder during the policy term. This

plan will be launched on 16th May 2017. The unique identification Number (UIN) for this plan is



The benefits payable under this plan are as under:

  1. a) Death Benefit: –

1) On death before the commencement of Risk: –

On An amount, equal to the total amount of premiums paid without interest shall be payable.

2) On death after the commencement of Risk: –

Death Benefit, defined as sum of “Sum Assured on Death” and vested simple Revisionary Bonuses and

Final Addition Bonus, if any, shall be payable.

Where Sum Assured on Death” is defined as the highest of

-10 times of annualized premium; or

– Sum Assured on Maturity; or

– Absolute amount assured to be paid on death, i.e. Basic Sum Assured.

This death benefit shall not be less than 105% of all the premiums paid as on date of death.

  1. c) Survival Benefit: –

On the life assured surviving to the end of the premium paying term, provided all due premiums have

been paid, a survival benefit equal to 8% of Basic Sum Assured shall be payable each year.

  1. c) Maturity Benefit: –

On the life assured surviving to the end of the policy term, provided all due premiums have been paid,

“Sum Assured on Maturity” along with vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses and Final Addition Bonus,

if any, shall be payable.

Where “Sum Assured on Maturity” is equal to Basic Sum Assured.


The following four optional riders are available under this plan.

1) LIC’s Accidental Death and Disability Rider

2) LIC’s Accident Benefit Rider

3) LIC’s New Term Assurance Rider

4) LIC’s New Critical Illness Benefit Rider.

However policy holder can opt for LIC’s Accidental Death and Disability Rider or LIC’s Accident Benefit



1) Minimum Age at entry : 90 days (completed)

2) Maximum Age at entry : 55 years (nbd) for PPT = 15

: 50 years (nbd) for PPT = 20

: 45 years (nbd) for PPT = 25

: 40 years (nbd) for PPT = 30

3) Premium Paying Term : [15, 20, 25, 30] years

4) Minimum Age at the end of PPT : 30 years (nbd)

5) Maximum Age at the end of PPT : 70 years (nbd)

6) Age at Maturity : 100 years (nbd)

7) Policy Term : [100 – age at entry] years

8) Minimum Basic Sum Assured : Rs. 2,00,000

9) Maximum Basic Sum Assured : No Limit

The Basic Sum Assured shall be in multiples of Rs. 25,000/- only.

MODE OF Premium Payment:

The modes of premium payment allowable are Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly (NACH) only

or through salary deductions.

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